MLK Day Camp

Don't forget that school is out on Monday January 16th.  Have you thought about what the kids will do that day?  Now you could do what my mom used to do, ask your neighbor to watch them.  But your kids will hate that.  Their house has a weird smell and they just don't feel comfortable there.  You could ask the grandparents.  But they're getting up in years, and the kids are a handful for an entire day.  Plus your dad always starts preaching to them about politics and the election, and they're not ready for that.  What to do, what to do?

Oh wait, I know!  Why don't you bring them to Gymnastix?!?!  They always have a fun time.  There are other kids to play with.  And during gym time they aren't allowed to bring their devices out on the floor, so you know they won't just be on their iPad the whole time.

See more information on our daily camps HERE.  Prices for registered students begin at $45 with discounts for siblings.  Call our front office at 678-546-6626 to register!