Rules & Policies

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Attending class each week during a session is very important in order to have a consistent and safe learning environment. If you are unable to attend a class because of illness or other commitment, please speak with the front desk to schedule a make-up. All make up classes must be scheduled through the office in advance. As a courtesy, ONE make up is allowed per student per session. "Make Up Friday" (for Preschool students) and "Make Up Saturday (for all levels except preschool) will be held the FIRST available Friday and Saturday of the next session. Boys and Girls gymnastics students will be combined. A missed class will only be scheduled on the Make Up day held the next session and will not be held over to future Make up days. We do not prorate tuition payments or give credits or refunds for missed classes. Session fees take this make up policy into account. Think of this as a musical, you purchased tickets in advance but the show must go on whether you are in attendance or not.


Gymnastics Classes:

Girls – Preferably a leotard, but t-shirt (tucked in) and athletic shorts (no jeans) will suffice.  No socks or shoes.  Tights are allowed as long as the feet are not covered.  Hair should always be pulled back out of the face and off the shoulders.

Boys – T-shirt (tucked in) and athletic shorts (no jeans) are preferred.  No socks or shoes.

Ninja Zone:  Ninja Zone shirt (tucked in) and headband along with athletic shorts (no jeans).  No socks or shoes.

Tumbling Classes:  A leotard or t-shirt (tucked in) and athletic shorts (no jeans) are acceptable.  Socks and shoes are preferred, but being barefoot is allowed at the discretion of the student.  Hair should always be pulled back out of the face.  No dangly jewelry or clothing with zippers or buttons is allowed - it can injure the student or the coach as well as damage the equipment.


Classes are divided by age group and ability level to ensure that each student is with his/her appropriate peer group. Most classes meet once per week for 45 minutes, 1 hour, 1-hour and 15 minutes, or 1-hour and 30 minutes, depending on the level of the class. This schedule may be adjusted as needed.

Class Schedule
A current class schedule is available at the front desk or on our web site. Contact the office to check the current availability.

Student-Teacher Ratios
To ensure the safety of both the students and the teachers and to provide the most instruction time possible, a target student-teacher ratio will be maintained.  Parent & Child classes will have a target ratio of ten students per one instructor.  Preschool classes for three and four year olds and Kindergarten age classes will have a target ratio of seven students per one instructor. All other gymnastics or tumbling classes will have a target ratio of ten students per one instructor.

Age Determination Date
Preschool children’s age is determined as of the first day of the respective session (i.e. a child turns 4 before Session 2, he/she is eligible for the 4-year old Frog class for that Session).  For Kindergarten children and older, we follow the same September 1 age date as the school systems (i.e. whatever grade the child is at school, he/she is in the same peer age group with us).

For Summer Term (Session 5) ONLY, a child may enroll in the age group corresponding to the grade he/she will be in during the upcoming school year or the child may continue at his/her current age group (i.e. a child will be in a Pre-K program during the next school year, he/she can enroll in a Frog class (for four year olds) or maintain enrollment in a Tadpole class (for three year olds). The coach and parent should determine together what would be the most beneficial for the child. This does not apply to Butterfly and Dragonfly students.    

New Student Placement

All new students will be placed in a beginner (Level 1). If a child has 2 or more years of experience, you may schedule a pre-registration evaluation for advanced placement in the program. Call the office to set up an appointment.


Enrollment is based upon an entire nine (9) or ten (10) week session.  Refunds are not issued for children who unenroll prematurely from a session.  Once a student is enrolled in a session they will have first opportunity to remain in the same class day and time for the next session throughout the school year. From the beginning of a session up to the published deadline date (usually 4-6 weeks into the current session) current customers can reserve the same class day and time for the next session. All accounts must be current in order to register for an upcoming session. Session fees are due at the time of registration. After this priority date has passed current customers are invited to register for the next session in any appropriate class with availability. Open registration for the next session begins one week later. ALL RECREATIONAL CLASS STUDENTS MUST RE-REGISTER FOR ALL SUBSEQUENT SESSIONS.


Evaluation sheets have been created for our Recreational classes that contain specific skills that progress from the beginner level to more advanced levels. Students are regularly evaluated on these skills.  Three levels of accomplishment are used in evaluating the student's mastery of the listed skills. The levels of accomplishment "Introduced", "Work In Progress", or "Mastered" will be notated on the student's evaluation sheet. A copy of the evaluation sheet will be sent home during the special last week of the session called the "Week of Xcellence." Awards such as certificates, rosette ribbons, and medals for a job well done will also be distributed to ALL students during this exciting week.  These special weeks will take place during Session 1, 2 & 3 only.  Session 4 will have the Xtravaganza, our year-end show where students will perform for the parents to show what they have learned throughout their time at Gymnastix Training Center.  Children must be enrolled in Session 4 to participate in this event and a separate, minimal registration fee (apart from Session 4 tuition) is necessary for a student to take part.  Session 5 will not have an award week.


GYM AREAS: The Main Gym, The Pond, The Dance Studio, The Camp/Gym ConneXion Room, and The Party Room

NO ONE is allowed in any of these areas except enrolled students during their appropriate class day and time.  If you need to retrieve your child from class, speak with the office staff and they will get your child for you.


There are Girls’ and Boys’ facilities on the first floor and TWO Unisex Restrooms upstairs.  Baby changing stations are available in all restrooms.


These areas are not monitored by GTC staff.  Please be respectful of others who are observing classes.  Children are not permitted to run around the viewing area or jump from the bleachers.


Please place all trash and other waste in a garbage can.  There is multiple trash receptacles located throughout the facility.  Please refrain from throwing dirty diapers in the trash.  Please bring them with you or place them in a plastic bag prior to placing it in the garbage cans.  Please help us keep our gym clean.


Annual Membership Fee (Recreational students)
This NON-REFUNDABLE fee is due upon initial registration and it is renewed each year thereafter (if the child is enrolled) on the anniversary of the initial registration.  The first child in a family incurs a $50 annual membership fee; a second child pays a discounted fee of $30.  Ninja Zone students have a $70 membership fee which includes the required t-shirt and headband.  A second Ninja Zone student will have a reduced membership fee of $50.  Registration fees cover costs associated with matriculation and liability insurance. Our insurance is a secondary provider. In the unlikely event that your child is injured during class at Gymnastix Training Center, you would file with your personal insurance first, and Gymnastix secondary insurance would incur the balance. Secondary insurance claims are subject to a deductible paid by the customer.

Session Fees
Session fees are based upon one class per week during the session with two payment options available for your convenience.

OPTION 1:  An Early Bird discounted tuition is a full session payment plan that must be paid up to two weeks prior to the beginning of a session with all session fees paid in full upon registration for that session.

OPTION 2:   The Monthly Payment Plan permits session fees to be made on a monthly basis by enrolling in the automatic debit plan using your credit/debit card. The initial monthly payment is due upon registration for the session.  Monthly installments are automatically debited on the 25th of each subsequent month.  Automatic payments are not available for the summer session (Session 5).  A thirty (30) day written notice is required to cease this payment option.  PLEASE NOTE: when choosing this option, though payments are made monthly, enrollment continues throughout the entire session.

Session fees for a student enrolling after the session has already begun will be due IN FULL (at the regular price) upon registration and prorated according to the number of remaining weeks in the session. The automatic monthly payment plan is available as well.  Session fees are only REFUNDABLE utilizing the most currently published refund policy found at the front desk.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be granted as an account credit in the case of extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of management. A Refund Request Form must be completed and submitted to the front desk for consideration. Refund requests will be acknowledged in a reasonable period of time. These credits will be considered for Session Fees ONLY using the guidelines posted at the front desk.

Late Fee
A $25 fee per student is assessed on session fees not paid in a timely manner as published at the front desk.

Discounts available on published fees
A sibling discount is applicable for the 2nd child or more in an immediate family. This discount applies to the lesser tuition amount and is available for session fees only. A multiple class discount applies to a same student taking an additional class in the same session.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, checks, Debit Cards, Visa, and MasterCard.
There is a $35.00 fee for all returned payments.


We use the local school systems as a guide but we will make our own determination when closing our facility due to inclement weather. This information will be published on our website, sent via email, and posted to our social media accounts.


Any student currently enrolled and participating in classes is considered a CURRENT STUDENT. Siblings of current students who are not enrolled themselves and anyone else who is not currently enrolled is not a current student. NON-MEMBERS are children who take part in extra-curricular activities but are not currently enrolled and participating in regular classes.


We encourage parents and others to see our quality program with their own eyes. Parents of recreational students are welcome to observe classes at their convenience. Our observation areas are upstairs overlooking the main gym or outside of “the Pond” (our glass-enclosed Preschool room). Special accommodations can be made for those who are physically unable to go upstairs.


There are over one hundred parking spaces surrounding our building. All vehicles must be parked in appropriately marked parking spaces. The covered drop-off and pick-up zone is to be used for this purpose only; no parking is permitted in this area. Please drive to the front of the loading zone if you are dropping off or picking up a student, so multiple cars can utilize this area. All drives around the building are two-way so please follow all posted traffic signs. Any vehicle parked inappropriately or left in the parking lot for multiple days will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Individual or semi-private (2 students) lessons are available to students who need extra attention on a specific skill or those students who are not interested in joining one of our regular classes. Lessons are available from select staff members for either a half-hour or a full-hour and must be scheduled in advance either through the office or directly with the coach. Payment IN FULL is required at the time the appointment is scheduled. Please stop by the front office or visit the web site for more detailed information on private lessons.

STUDENT Arrival and Pick Up

Classes will start at the scheduled time. Do not drop off your child more than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class. Upon arrival either wait in the lobby area or the upstairs observation area until your class is called. Students must be picked up promptly at the end of their activity. Children are not permitted to walk through the parking lot unattended.  Parents must utilize the carpool lane or escort their child to and from the building.  Children are not to be left alone. Gymnastix Training Center will not be responsible for children not enrolled in our program and/or not participating in a scheduled activity.


There is no formal policy for removing a student from the program, though once a session begins the student is enrolled for the entire session. When a session concludes and a student is not registered for the next session, he/she is considered withdrawn.