Having a blast at 2017 Team Camp!

Our summer team camp to kick off the new training season and to welcome new faces is in full swing here at GTC.  We have lots more fun to come.  But here is a glimpse of what we have been up to. 🙂

Team Camp wishing Grecia a Happy Birthday!

Guto sings Happy Birthday in Portuguese. 🙂

Fun Times at the Xtravaganza!

Thanks to all who took part in our annual Xtravaganza.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Here are a few photos parents have shared with us.  Keep them coming so we can share and show everyone what a fun time it was.  

Developmental League Competition

The schedule for our Session 4 Developmental League competition, Maycation 2017, is now available.

Session 1

7:50 am
Competitions Begins
8:10 am
Approximately 9:30 am

Session 2

10:10 am
Competitions Begins
10:30 am
12:00 pm

Summer Camp Information Available Now

Summer camp information is now live on our website.  At the time of this posting, it is only March.  But we know how time flies.  Before you know it June will be here.  Your kids will be out of school.  If all the adults are working, you are going to need to make arrangements for a place for them to go.  But even if you are a stay/work at home parent, you're going to need a place and an activity that is going to keep them active and engaged.

If you only want to keep them occupied, give them an iPad and the wifi password.  Let's face it, that will keep them busy for as long as you want.  But if you want your kids to get off the couch, if you want them moving, if you want them around other kids, talking and interacting with others in a manner that doesn't involve a touchscreen, then you should consider sending them to us.  We will be the ones to tell them for you that it's time to put their devices down and go into the gym or outside.

Gymnastix Training Center wants to be your Active Alternative to Traditional Daycare.

For more information on our camps, please click HERE.  There you will find all the information you want on prices, ages, cost, and activities.  You may be asking, why don't you post it right here.  Well number one, there is a practical reason but it's a bit technical.  And second, can't you just follow the link?  Are you too lazy to click?  You're acting like your kid on their iPad. 😛  So just click HERE and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Gymnastix Training Center

Developing children into more than just athletes!


Spring Break Camp 2017

Schools are out April 3rd-7th.  If your plans aren't taking you out of town for spring break, plan on leaving your children in our care.  Our Spring Break Camp offers a fun active alternative to daycare.  Kids get the opportunity to move, exercise, and do gymnastics!  Perhaps we will have some spring flowers and have some outdoor time as well.  But if there is still a chill in the air, will have plenty of springs inside.  (See what I did there? 🙂


Our camps are open to kids ages 4-11.  Hours are 9 am - 3 pm with extended drop-ff and pick-up times from 7:30-6:00 pm at no additional charge.  Prices begin at $45 per day for one child with discounts for multiple days and additional children.

So if you want a place you can send your kids that will give them a chance to be active, to be moving, and you know...be kids, bring them to Gymnastix.  For information on our school year camps and pricing click HERE.

Developmental League February Fiesta Competition Schedule

Session 1:  GymCatz, GymStarz, Coach Kacie's Invite Only, Gym Starz, and Coach Marcos' Invite Only GymCatz, and GymStarz

Arrive at 8:00 am
Competition Begins at 8:35 am
Awards will be at apporximately 10:00 am

Session 2:  GymFlamz, GymDiamonz, Coach Kacie and Coach Marcos' Invite Only Flamz, Boys

Arrive at 10:40 am
Competition begins at 11:00 am
Awards will be at approximately 12:15 pm

Gymnastix’s Bitner in Gwinnett Daily Post

Gymnastix's Andrew Bitner is featured in The Gwinett Daily Post, telling his journey towards the National Team, international competition, & Team Stanford.

Be sure to read the article on our athlete at the Gwinnett Daily Post here:  http://www.gwinnettprepsports.com/schools/mill_creek/mill-creek-s-bitner-one-of-country-s-best-gymnasts/article_1d025a0a-84eb-5512-af37-70ea58a6e1c7.html

valentines day pno

PNO Extended Hours

We are offering extended hours for Parent's Nite Out on Saturday February 11th.  You have two options. Your kids can come for the regular hours of 6-10 p.m., or you may opt for the extended hours of 4-10.  Prices for each option are listed below.  For more information on our PNOs click HERE.  Happy Valentine's Day!



6-10 p.m. 4-10 p.m.
1st Child $20 $30
Siblings $15 $20
President's Day Camp

President’s Day Camp: 2017

Monday February 20th is President's Day, and local schools will be off for the day.  What do you have planned for your kids?  If you have to work (or I guess if your day is just slammed with President's Day activities ) send your kids somewhere fun to spend the day.  Send them to our President's Day Camp for gymnastics, jumping on the trampolines, playing in the pit, playing games, and more.

Our day camp runs from 9:00 - 3:00 with extended pick-up and drop-off times available.  The price is $45 per child for those pre-registered.  The camp is open to ages 4-12.  A limited number of walk-ins are accepted based on availability on a first-come first-served basis with a $5 per child "walk-in" fee added to the base price.

For more information on the camps we offer during the school-calendar year, please click HERE.

MLK Day Camp

Don't forget that school is out on Monday January 16th.  Have you thought about what the kids will do that day?  Now you could do what my mom used to do, ask your neighbor to watch them.  But your kids will hate that.  Their house has a weird smell and they just don't feel comfortable there.  You could ask the grandparents.  But they're getting up in years, and the kids are a handful for an entire day.  Plus your dad always starts preaching to them about politics and the election, and they're not ready for that.  What to do, what to do?

Oh wait, I know!  Why don't you bring them to Gymnastix?!?!  They always have a fun time.  There are other kids to play with.  And during gym time they aren't allowed to bring their devices out on the floor, so you know they won't just be on their iPad the whole time.

See more information on our daily camps HERE.  Prices for registered students begin at $45 with discounts for siblings.  Call our front office at 678-546-6626 to register!