Recreational Classes


Preschool Gymnastics

Classes are tailored for children ages 18 months to 4 years.  These classes take place in our specialized preschool area known as "The Pond."

Girls Gymnastics

Classes take place in our main gym for beginner to advanced girls ages 5 and over.

Boys Gymnastics

Classes are for beginner to advanced boys that take place in the main gym on all the respective Olympic apparatus. 

Ninja Zone

A new program at Gymnastix combining the skills of parkour and obstacle course training with the discipline of martial arts, and the fluidity of dance for boys ages 5 & over.

Developmental League

Recreational classes designed to give beginner gymnasts a taste of what competitive gymnastics is all about.


Classes for those students who want to learn to tumble and do skills on the ground without worrying about the other olympic apparatus.


Private Lessons

This option provides private instruction for one to two students who either want a little specialized help or are not comfortable with a group instruction setting.