Whitlow Invitational Schedule

This is the "final schedule."  However, they have stated that "Although the session start times may change, the session assignments will not. Please check the web site (www.egoboosters.org) prior to leaving for Orlando for the final session start times."   So I guess that is when they will put out the final final schedule.  But still, what they are talking about are small changes to start times, by 15-30 minutes, and I don't even expect that to happen.  It never has before at this meet.  But doing my due diligence to pass the information along.  I will check and update the schedule here the week of the competition.

Friday January 19, 2018

Session 2 –Men’s Level 6
11:00 AM: General Stretch
11:20 AM: Timed Warm/Competition
1:45 PM: Awards

Session 4 – Men’s Level 5
5:30 PM: General Stretch
5:50 PM: Timed Warms/Competition
8:45 PM: Awards

Saturday January 20, 2018

Session 5 – Men’s Level 8
9:00 AM: General Stretch
9:20 AM: Timed Warm/Competition
12:15 PM: Awards

Session 6 – Men’s Level 9
12:15 PM: General Stretch
12:45 PM: Timed Warm/Competition
3:15 PM: Awards

Session 7 – Men’s Level 10/Elite
3:30 PM: General Stretch
4:00 PM: Timed Warm/Competition
8:30 PM: Awards

Sunday January 21, 2018

Session 8 – Men’s Level 7/JD
8:00 AM: General Stretch
8:20 AM: Timed Warm/Competition
11:30 AM: Awards

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